The BR story in a walnut shell-

While living in San Francisco, Jason
David Gillihan, Founder & Principle
Design Builder of Black Rabbit dreamed
of starting a small business in his home town
of Portland, Oregon. His vision involved using
his passion of “handcraft”, using it to serve the
people and businesses of Portland; providing
them with affordable & sustainable harvested
wood furniture & fixtures for everyday life.

(Jason): People were always asking me,
“I really wish I had, or  have an idea for ___ but
either I cannot find exactly what I had envisioned or it
is way out of my budget — can you build this for me?”
(Jason): These are the types of clients I love to work

After moving back to Portland, Black Rabbit opened its
doors in the winter of 2011.

If you have a need for a custom furniture piece or are
moving into a new commercial space, and want to
give it that good ol’ Oregon feel, shoot us an email
or give us a call. Let us make your wood dreams
into a reality.

Want something but don’t have any solid
ideas? Check out our volumes section or
visit our online shop for some really
cool examples of our work.